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For Michaela ‘Mike’ Kingdom, a misisng person's case should have been all in a day’s work. After all, she had previously been a search analyst for the CIA in London. Unfortunately, she didn’t know which name her brother-in-law was using when he went missing, what he was doing or even in which country he was working. His phone had been used in Málaga three weeks previously and then gone dead. Her initial investigations were off to a slow start until the killing of a British government minister in France on his way to Spain gave her that vital first clue. That’s all Mike Kingdom needed – until she befriended a fish gutter’s dog, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


This Is Not a Pipe – like its predecessor, The Tip of the Iceberg – is a thought-provoking and gripping story that follows Mike Kingdom as she ventures into the field for a second time.

This Is Not a Pipe by David Jarvis

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