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Hobeck Advanced Readers Team

One of our key aims at Hobeck is to publish the books that people want to read and not just the books we think people want to read. Even though we are both very keen readers ourselves (with a house bursting at the seams with books), we acknowledge that we have our own personal tastes and preferences and those aren't necessarily shared by everyone.


So to widen our perspective and help us make the most of our talented authors, we have recruited a group of willing volunteers which we have called the Hobeck Advanced Readers Team. We feel very strongly that reader feedback is vital both before a book is published and during the editorial process before a book is ready for press.


HART consists of a dedicated group of 50 readers of different ages, from all walks of life and from various places on the globe. They have one thing in common: a love of the written word. 


The HART members help us in various ways. Firstly, by reading our books before we publish to provide us with honest and invaluable critiques. Secondly, by reviewing our books post publication, should they wish to, on their own websites or on public platforms such as Amazon and Good Reads. Finally, by amusing us with with their cat / dog / chicken / goat / Hobeck mug photos. A selection of the pictures we have been sent by the HART members are below. 

We couldn't do this job without our readers and we thank all the HART members for making this work more fun!

Derek Mug and Dog.jpg
Scooter and Cat.jpg
Amy Rabbit.jpg
Louise Mug and Cat.jpg
Kerri Doggie.jpg
Hobeck Mug Police.jpg
Michael Mug and Goat.jpg
Clare Mug.jpg
AJ Mug And Cat.jpg
Mug Chickens Donna.jpg
Robyn Mug.jpg
Jo and Mug.jpg
Gill and Mug.jpg
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