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The day we gave our first author Robert Daws a Hobeck mug.
Antony for Web.jpg
The hottest day of 2020 - the day we went to Chester Zoo to meet author number two, Antony Dunford.
Oh we do love to be besides the seaside - meeting the third Hobeck author, Wendy Turbin, on the Essex coast.
Author Number Four.jpg
We won't be able to meet Hobeck author number four for a while so we have to imagine what he might be like.
Off we go again - this time meeting Hobeck author number five - Alison Morgan.
Malcolm Mug.jpg
A great day indeed was the day we met Malcolm Hollingdrake for a tour of the 'dark side' of Liverpool. Then, we gave him a mug.
There is one member of the Hobeck Team who deserves a place in our gallery and that is Jayne Mapp, designer of covers such as Daria's Daughter, Killing Rock, Fatal Trade, Over Her Dead Body and many more...
Mug Shot.jpg
Olly Mug.jpg
As fortune would have it, we were passing by Olly Jarvis's hometown on the way north so what better way to break up the journey than a quick coffee in a Hobeck mug with a Hobeck author? 
Welcome to the new member of the Hobeck Team, Richard Osman! Just kidding, but he has a Hobeck mug so he's an honorable member of the team, even if he doesn't know it. 
Richard Osman Likes His Mug.jpg
Ian Rakin Mug.jpg
Ian Rankin is trying to find the tea in his mug... Another honorary member of the team - we wish!
Attending Bloody Scotland gave us the opportunity to meet Mark Wightman, author of Waking the Tiger, and of course, give him a Hobeck mug. 
Mark Mug.jpg
Lin Mug Photo.jpg
A trip to Suffolk gave us the opportunity to give Lin Le Versha, author of Blood Notes, one of our mugs.
Suffolk is next to Norfolk - so another mug given to another Hobeck author - Judi Daykin.
Judi Mug Photo.jpg
Tony and mug.jpg
AJ Aberford is used to sunnier climbs in Malta but popped by a pub near Hobeck Towers for a beer (not in a mug) and some lunch with us.
We didn't have a mug with us unfortunately but here we are with the lovely Ann Cleeves at CrimeFest who kindly agreed to come on the Hobcast.
Newsletter 2.jpg
Mug and JP.jpg
Another Hobeck mug for another Hobeck author - here we are with Jonathan Peace author of Dirty Little Secret, From Sorrow's Hold and more to come!
We had a lovely time meeting Rae (Rachel) Sargeant author of Her Deadly Friend at the Painswick Rococo Garden near Stroud and of course we had to take the opportunity to give her a Hobeck mug!
Rachel and Her Mug.jpg
Maureen Mug.jpg
It's not often we venture to Scotland but as The Confession was launching we decided to pay a little trip to Glasgow and present Maureen Myant, author of The Confession, with her mug!
It's been a while since we met a Hobeck author to give them our lovely mug, but meet a Hobeck author we did - David Jarvis author of three books out Summer 2024
David Jarvis Mug.jpg
Julie with Mug.jpg
Me in London.jpg
A trip to London afforded me the opportunity for a quick drink with Hobeck author, Julie Anderson, and perchance to give her a Hobeck mug!
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