The Hobcast Book Show

The Hobcast Book Show has been nominated as one of twenty of the best UK Mystery Podcasts of 2021 by Best Startup.

This week The Hobcast Book Show hits the road again to visit the studio of regular Hobeck Books cover designer, Jayne Mapp. Starting with our first release - Killing Rock by Robert Daws, Jayne has designed over a dozen covers for us. She takes us through what she's learned in her move into cover design and how her background in photography and graphic design has helped her to make the transition. Plus, we look ahead to the Harrogate Crime Festival, discuss how Amazon tripped up a fellow indie publisher this week, and then there's the small matter of a birthday within the Hobcast presenting team.

In The Hobcast Book Show, Adrian Hobart and Rebecca Collins, the founders of Hobeck, aim to get under the skin of launching a publishing company from scratch in the midst of the pandemic.
Each week, Adrian and Rebecca will discuss the key issues of the week, the ups and downs of running a creative business, and they'll hear from the people who make Hobeck possible: the authors, the editors and the cover designers who help them bring great stories to life.
If you're an aspiring author, self-publishing, working in independent or traditional publishing, or just love books - this is the podcast for you.
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