Antony Dunford



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Wendy Turbin Sleeping Dogs 

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Linda Huber Daria's Daughter 

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Malcolm Hollingdrake's Catch as Catch Can and Syn, the first two books in the Merseyside Crime Series, publishing this spring.

Purchase Malcolm's books from Amazon: Catch as Catch Can and Syn.

S.E. Shepherd's Swindled available for pre-order on Amazon.

Robert Daws

The Rock

Poisoned Rock

Killing Rock

Waking the Tiger by Mark Wightman, pre-order here.

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Hobeck website and


R.D. Nixon's Crossfire available for pre-order here.

Lewis Hastings the Seventh Wave trilogy


Seven Degrees

Seven of Swords

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Lewis Hastings

The Angel of Whitehall

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Blood Loss by Kerena Swan is available from Amazon.

Brian Price's Fatal Trade can be ordered here on Amazon.

A B Morgan Over Her Dead Body 

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Book Two in the Quirk Files series Throttled available for pre-order.