July 2020

Robert Daws The Rock

Robert Daws Poisoned Rock

Robert Daws Killing Rock

December 2020

Lewis Hastings Seventh

Lewis Hastings Seven Degrees

Lewis Hastings Seven of Swords

January 2021

Wendy Turbin Sleeping Dogs 

Antony Dunford Hunted

February 2021

Linda Huber Daria's Daughter

March 2021

Kerena Swan Blood Loss


Lewis Hastings The Angel of Whitehall

April 2021

Malcolm Hollingdrake Catch as Catch Can 

September 2021

S.E. Shepherd Swindled

Brian Price Fatal Trade

October 2021

Harry Fisher Be Sure Your Sins

Judi Daykin Wayland Babes

November 2021

Harry Fisher Way Beyond A Lie

Linda Huber Pact of Silence

Lin Le Versha Blood Notes

December 2021

Jennie Ensor Silenced

February 2022

Lewis Hastings The Chemist

March 2022

R.D. Nixon Fair Game

April 2022

Brian Price Fatal Hate

May 2021
May 2022

Malcolm Hollingdrake Syn

Jonathan Peace Dirty Little Secret

Lin Le Versha Blood Lines

June 2021

Mark Wightman Waking the Tiger

A B Morgan Throttled

Harry Fisher Yes, I Killed Her

Summer 2022

Antony Dunford Endangered 

July 2021

R.D. Nixon Crossfire

Robert Daws Echo Rock

A B Morgan Old Dogs, Old Tricks

Wendy Turbin The Silence of the Rabbit

The Hobeck Team Never Mind the Baubles

Linda Huber The Clarice Cliff Vase

Kerena Swan Here She Lies

R.D. Nixon The Mcnab Principle

Brian Price Fatal Beginnings

Lin Le Versha A Defining Moment

Jennie Ensor Saviour