Robert Daws is a celebrated British actor and author of the bestselling Sullivan and Broderick crime series, set in Gibraltar. Hobeck published the third in the series Killing Rock in July 2020, and the fourth novel, Blood Rock will be published in 2021.

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We can't wait to bring you Antony Dunford's debut action adventure thriller Hunted early in 2021. Set on a Kenyan wildlife reserve where poachers threaten to wipe out the world's last remaining Northern White rhinos, it features Jane Haven, a former Norwegian special forces soldier and her battle to protect both the people and the animals she loves. Like fellow Hobeck author Wendy Turbin, Antony is graduate of the UEA Creative Writing MA course.

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We are rather excited to be publishing the first novel in Alison's new series, the Quirk Files, Show No Pity for 2021. This is the first we hope of many tales featuring husband-and-wife private investigators Peddyr and Connie Quirk. They are, as you’d expect, quirky. Their first major case is to help recently divorced Gabby Dixon uncover who’s responsible for declaring her dead and stealing all her money, identity and assets. Is there more to the story than a matter of stolen identity? Can Peddyr and Connie solve the mystery and bring Gabby back to life? Since her debut novel, A Justifiable Madness, which published in 2017 to glowing reviews, Alison has gone on to produce five more novels under her penname of A B Morgan. There is no stopping her now. She is a writer first and foremost. We are so pleased she has joined the Hobeck author team.

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Wendy Turbin's brilliant debut crime novel, Sleeping Dogs will be published by Hobeck early in 2021. The first in a series featuring private investigator Penny Wiseman, expect wonderfully vivid characters, quirky humour and riveting plot full of twists and surprises. Wendy is a graduate of the celebrated Creative Writing MA course at the University of East Anglia.



We are thrilled to be publishing Lewis Hastings's action-packed series of four thrillers which includes the Seventh Wave trilogy and the fourth John 'Jack' Cade novel The Angel of Whitehall for autumn 2020. The brilliant Seventh Wave trilogy pits Cade against an international conspiracy that leads back to the heart of British government, and pushes Cade and his team to their limits and beyond. And in Lewis's newest novel, The Angel of Whitehall, Cade is drawn back to London once more to fight corruption at the heart of government, as he unearths a long-established people trafficking operation with links to illegal diamond smuggling. Can Cade protect the former naval officer who is the last living clue to unravelling this dark conspiracy, or will he be thwarted by the shadowy forces that want Cade's contact silenced?

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