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An act of sacrifice
A young boy starts his journey in the refugee camps of Syria, only to find himself excited on the terraces of a football stadium in London. How did he get there and what does Uncle want him to do to? Who can set the Birds of Paradise free?

One more adventure
George Zammit’s quest for a quiet life, as a Maltese policeman and soon-to-be grandfather, is disrupted once again with orders to travel to Syria to gather evidence of potential fraud in the refugee camps. Accompanied by his son, Denzel, a seemingly simple mission quickly unravels, as George encounters a deadly former foe and discovers the secrets of The Birds of Paradise. As always, George finds himself in a perilous predicament not of his making.

One enemy too many
Natasha Bonnici has risen to the top of one of Europe’s most powerful crime groups. Rich beyond imagining, she is also increasingly isolated and under attack for her past deeds. Who can she trust? Can she escape her fate? As George Zammit knows, all paths cross in Malta, and vengeance waits around every corner.

The Last Bird of Paradise by AJ Aberford

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