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A selection of twisted and moving Christmas tales from the Hobeck Books family of authors and directors.

From ghostly skatings on thin ice, echoes of peppermint creams and the joys of being a secret Santa, to rebellious turkeys, deserted offices, spiteful colleagues and yuletide loneliness - these stories touch on strength of spirit, with the odd splash of blood and gore.

All royalties from the sale of this book go to Streetreads, a charitable initiative that encourages reading and creativity amongst the homeless in Scotland.

Contributing authors: Rebecca Collins, Judi Daykin, Antony Dunford, Lewis Hastings, Adrian Hobart, Linda Huber, Lin Le Versha, A B Morgan, RD Nixon, Brian Price, S.E. Shepherd, Kerena Swan, Wendy Turbin, Mark Wightman.

The Dark Side of Christmas

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