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'...a cracker of a novel' William Ryan, author of the Captain Korolev series and winner of Guardian Novel of the Year.


Meet Penny Wiseman, a private investigator by circumstance, stumbling through adulthood and desperately trying to keep her late father’s business afloat.


She’s on the trail of her client’s husband. He's guilty of hiding something, but is he having an affair? The case leads her to an intriguing series of mysteries and encounters, and not all are quite of this world.


Because, for Penny, seeing the dead is a fact of life, and when a teenage ghost wants justice, who else can the girl turn to for help?


There's one big problem - the dead don’t talk.


Penny’s first job is to work out exactly why she’s being haunted.


Her second is to solve the case that should pay her bills, but will she find answers to either question?

Sleeping Dogs by Wendy Turbin

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