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Friends and enemies call him the ‘Jackdaw’


Alexandru Stefanescu is a man to fear. Known as the Jackdaw, he's a savage and merciless sociopath, who's become Europe’s most powerful criminal. No one who encounters him escapes unscathed.


He’s Europe’s most-wanted man


Former British cop John ‘Jack’ Cade still bears the scars of battling the Jackdaw a decade ago. Hopes of a peaceful new life in New Zealand are shattered after an apparently chance meeting with a beautiful young woman. Cade is immediately forced to face an enemy he hoped he’d never have to deal with again.


Now he’s ready to unleash the full power of the ‘Seventh Wave’


Elena Petrov has all a young woman could want. Beauty. An education. Money. But she’s on the run from her past – and her family. Can she find safety in New Zealand? Is Jack Cade the man to protect her?


A sweeping, sophisticated and action-packed thriller set in New Zealand, Hong Kong and London, Seventh is the first novel in the superb Seventh Wave trilogy by British author Lewis Hastings.

Seventh by Lewis Hastings

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