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'Another great book by Ms Morgan, and it’s an absolutely delightful read.' CAROLE GOURLAY

'Pig out on a succulent tale of treachery and deceit.' PETER FLEMING

A whodunnit, brilliantly woven into the humorous, easy going relationship of the Quirks. They are a team in every sense, loyal and light hearted...but underestimate their professionalism at your peril!' SARAH LECK

Peddyr and Connie Quirk head for the Isle of Man, hoping for a well-deserved break from their private investigation business. However, in an underhand move by Peddyr’s cousin Superintendent Eddie Cadogan, their hotel booking is changed, and they are redirected to Hodge Fell Farm, with its farm shop, butchery, café and quaint holiday cottages.

When they meet their hosts – including a certain Nick Popadopoulos – a relaxing holiday of bracing walks by the sea is quickly replaced by pigs, adultery, soap-making, drag queens, smoked sausages, scams and skulduggery. In their quest to work out what despicable scheme Nick has underway, Peddyr and Connie soon realise that not everyone is being honest with them. Time is not on their side, and they must rely on their wits to act before someone gets away with murder.

Rendered Incapable by A B Morgan

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