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For three decades, Olivia Farnley used alcohol and drugs to try to block out the memory of the horrific murder of her mother which put her father in prison. Now she’s ready to face her past, and her hypnotherapist is sure he can help her to fill in the gaps.

During therapy, a key detail comes back to her, one that is so momentous that Liv is forced to share this new-found information with the police. When they dismiss her claims, Liv is left frustrated and furious. Then a chance encounter leads Liv to private investigator Hannah Sandlin , who, accompanied by her best friend Lottie, embarks on an investigation in the Spanish resort of Marbella

Amid the magnificent villas and infinity pools of Porto Banus, and the stunning beaches of Playa de la Fontanilla, dark secrets lurk. Once Hannah deploys her sharp investigative mind and shameless tenacity, she discovers what really happened to Liv’s mother, Susan, all those years ago. In the process, she uncovers some shocking secrets that the rest of the Farnley family have been trying their hardest to keep.

Can Hannah separate the lies from the truth and bring Liv the resolution she so desperately needs?

New Memories by S.E. Shepherd

Will be shipped in time for publication on 6 August
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