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They call him ‘The Hawk’
Turkey is the new powerbroker in the eastern Mediterranean and The Hawk sits in Istanbul, pulling the strings. But why should any of this concern a Maltese policeman?

A Mediterranean odyssey
Inspector George Zammit, of the Maltese Pulizija, receives a phone call from an old friend in need, the Libyan militia leader, Abdullah Belkacem. As a result, George and Abdullah are catapulted into an adventure, taking them from disputed Greek Islands to war-torn Libya, in a journey that tests their friendship to the limit.

As an arch manipulator and power broker, The Hawk plays his cards close to his chest. But, with one daring move, he turns the politics of the eastern Mediterranean upside down, making a powerful enemy.

Unlikely allies
Natasha Bonnici is now the head of a mysterious organised crime family, based in Milan. She and The Hawk circle each other, as the biggest game of all plays out.

Can lowly Inspector George Zammit face these forces and restore order, before the Mediterranean slips into chaos?

Hawk at the Crossroads by AJ Aberford

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