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The waterways of the Liverpool docks contain many ghosts and shadows. It’s a place to disappear… or die.


Detective Inspector April Decent and Detective Sergeant Skeeter Warlock fear for the welfare of a vulnerable young man injured in an attack ordered by drug dealers. Originally questioned at the scene, Danny Maynard denies the attack and refuses to co-operate with the police. He soon disappears. Clues to his whereabouts are seeded, a cry for help maybe, but he continues to be elusive.


The team are also dealing with a spate of deaths in the city, with one thing in common: the victims are all homeless and seemingly ravaged by addiction. Once that connection is realised – the hunt for a potential serial killer is on.


Is there a link between the missing man and the other deaths? Could he be the missing piece of the puzzle which will solve the mystery behind the brutal murders?

Edge of the Land by Malcolm Hollingdrake

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