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I thought I knew everything about murders in the Med – not so – this series is a fantastic read!’ ROBERT DAWS, AUTHOR OF THE BESTSELLING 'ROCK' CRIME SERIES

Friendship comes at a cost

When Inspector George Zammit, of the Maltese Pulizija, reluctantly agrees to help his old friend, the former Libyan militia leader, Abdullah Belkacem, his quiet life is turned upside down. George is thrown into an adventure in the wilds of North Africa, encountering American special forces, Russian mercenaries and warring militias, all with their own complex agendas.

An old foe

Natasha Bonnici is part of The Family, a sophisticated, organised crime group, based in Milan. Ambitious and ruthless, she sets her sights on a share of Europe’s energy market, as well as control of The Family itself and there are no limits to how far she will go.

In the southern Mediterranean, nothing is what it seems

Abdullah Belkacem wants to win back his lands and his money, as well as avenging his brother’s death. He cannot do it alone and so turns to powerful forces, dragging George – the only person he can trust – with him.

Bullets in the Sand by AJ Aberford

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