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With one eye on the rear-view mirror and the other on the road ahead, Sarah is desperate to get as far away from the remote Scottish cabin as she can without attracting attention. But being inconspicuous isn't easy with a black eye and clothes soaked in blood...

And now the fuel tank is empty.


DI Paton

When a body is discovered in a remote cabin in Scotland, DI Paton feels a pang of guilt as he wonders if this is the career break he has been waiting for. But the victim is unidentifiable and the killer has left few clues.



With the death of her father and her mother's failing health, Jenna accepts her future plans must change, but nothing can prepare her for the trauma yet to come.


Fleeing south to rebuild her life, Sarah uncovers long-hidden family secrets. Determined to get back what she believes is rightfully hers, Sarah thinks her future looks brighter. But Paton is still pursuing her...

And he's getting closer.

Blood Loss by Kerena Swan

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