The Hobeck doors are open!

Updated: Sep 4

Before we were officially open for business, in the not too distant past, I distinctly remember the day when Adrian and I sat together to brainstorm how to launch ourselves as publishers on the world. We figured that one of our main tasks was to try to come up with a way to let the writing community know that we existed. If they came to us with their blood-, sweat-, and tear-stained manuscripts then we could publish said manuscripts and then we'd be officially in business. Simple. Yes?

Two years ago, shortly after this conversation took place, we attended the Morecombe and Vice Crime Festival, our first public outing into the world of crime as publishers. We weren't yet official but we went along with a dream. We also had a logo and a list of things we needed to do in order to become official (incidentally, I still have that list somewhere - written in a cafe in the peak district). Before we went to Morecombe and Vice we got some business cards and leaflets printed. We felt awfully grown up doing this. The purpose of the business cards is obvious, the leaflet was to be our call for submissions. We went to the festival with high hopes. Incidentally, we did get one submission from that weekend (from someone who is now a successfully published author - not with us, more fool us - and also now a friend). That one submission was all we needed to give us a purpose and make us official.