Partners in Crime - Morecambe and Vice weekend

Adrian Hobart and Adam Croft relax after presenting their podcast at Morecambe and Vice festival
An unexpected podcasting accomplice

There are moments in life when everything takes on a dream-like quality, where you feel like you are floating in a bubble buoyed by unseen hands, and where everyone you meet is delightful and welcoming. Hobeck Books' debut at the Morecambe and Vice festival (29th and 30th September 2019), was one such moment.

My partner Rebecca and I had made the decision to attend to the very last minute, which is pretty typical of us both. We were drawn by three things:

1) The hunt for new writers and authors for Hobeck Books.

2) A chance to enjoy the glories of that Art Deco masterpiece, the Midland Hotel on Morecambe seafront.

3) An opportunity to spend more time with one of my audiobook clients, Adam Croft and his lovely family.