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Out with the old, in with the not really that new

‘Last year was tough, full of challenges but we survived, next year will be the year we do things differently / a better year for us / the year we soar’.

Why do we say this every year? What is it about the end of the year that fills us with, I would argue, naïve optimism? Why don’t we simply accept that it’s just another day? I would even argue that the concept of tomorrow, never mind ‘next year’ is a fallacy.

At least, that is how I feel every New Year’s Eve. I’m not the Christmas grinch, I’m the New Year’s grinch. Truth is, there is a strong (and good) reason for this annual reflection and optimism. I may moan about it, but I don’t want to change it. I wish I felt it more. If we did accept the truth, that tomorrow is simply a continuation of time and next year will be as hard (maybe even harder) than this year then we’d all crumble and, why bother striving for greatness / improvement / new things if we feel we may not achieve them (and we may not)? I don’t believe that. I may sound contrary here. I feel very strongly we should have aspirations and dreams, even if they feel unrealistic. I’m a huge believer in the ‘teeny tiny’ theory of, ‘yeah, but what if…?’

I mean, look at us. We decided to set u a book publishing company in the year 2019.

We did just that, that year. In the year 2020 we wanted to start a podcast. We did just that and kept to it and it is going as strong as ever (in fact two days ago I asked people to put themselves forward as interviewees – we are now booked up until May). In the year 2021 we thought an award nomination or two might be nice but beyond our small dreams. We had one book shortlisted and longlisted for two Bloody Scotland awards. Then this year we mainly wanted to keep going, to survive, to keep our heads above water. We have achieved that. We are still here. We also had debut dagger shortlisted and longlisted titles. Adrian went to London to watch the award ceremony. Hobeck did that. Little Hobeck. The company that we run from the kitchen table. That was pretty special.

As for 2023? We do have some ambitions. I’m not going to say too much, for I actually think these things should be kept a secret. That’s not to say that with my New Year grinch hat on I don’t think we can achieve them. I do. I hope we do. I just want it to all be a surprise, to us as well as you.

Oh, there is one big thing we have planned for 2023 and this is no secret. Ms Collins is going to become Mrs Hobart. Yes, that's right, wedding bells!

Happy New Year!

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