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New Author Announcement - Welcome Antony Dunford

Hobeck Author Antony Dunford meets a Rhino
Our latest author Antony Dunford and friend

This is arguably the most exciting aspect of the job - signing a great author to the Hobeck family. We're delighted to be working with Antony Dunford and will be publishing his first novel, Hunted, in the near future.

Rebecca and I were blown away by his submission to us, and couldn't wait to lay our hands on the full novel. We weren't disappointed. Hunted is a brilliant debut thriller set on a Kenyan Wildlife Conservancy, where former Norwegian special forces soldier Jane Haven is pitched into a life and death struggle to protect all she cares for and believes in following the murder of her brother Kennet.

Antony's writing transported us into the heat and the dust of the Kenyan bush, the beauty of the sunsets and the landscape, and the character and wonder of the animals that inhabit this besieged habitat. Hunted is a taut and tense thriller, where danger, fear and treachery lurks at every turn, but also a tale of great humility, bravery and humanity. We're sure you are going to fall in love with Jane as she uses all her skills, energy, and courage to overcome overwhelming odds to protect the Bandari Conservancy and all that live there.

Now the hard work starts for us at Hobeck Books. As we have with Robert Daws and his brilliant Sullivan and Broderick series, we feel a great responsibility to support Anthony and his work in the best way possible. It's an honour to be working with someone of his talent, and it's incumbent upon us to ensure Hunted and Antony's subsequent books reach the audience they deserve. We can't wait to get started. Above all, it's great to add another superb author to our growing family. There are other names to come very soon too, who all share our vision of bringing brilliant stories to our readers across the globe.

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