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Introducing The Lady by the Lake - Linda Huber

I love days when we as Team Hobeck have an announcement to make. It is like the anticipation of Christmas, but all year around. The difference is, we have usually known about the 'secret' a long time before we are able to do 'ta-da!' We are now getting used to keeping secrets. It is hard though.

This week has been a big week of announcements for us. We have just revealed the new covers for one particular series we are more than a little bit excited about. And now we have a new author to tell everyone about.

One of the joys (one of the many, many joys) of working for Hobeck is the sheer variety of authors and books we work on, from action-packed crime conspiracy thrillers spanning continents and quirky, darkly funny suburban whodunnits to well-crafted emotional adventures involving characters who feel as real as you and I. Despite the differences, all the books we have published and are yet planning to publish have one thing in common: passion. A passion for writing. A passion for story. A passion for telling.

Our latest signing is no exception to this. Linda Huber came to Hobeck after seeing a post on Facebook about us which raised her curiosity. She approached us the next day. Linda joins us as an well-established writer. She has that passion I spoke of. She first discovered the joy of storytelling as a child and hasn't stopped telling stories ever since.

We both fell instantly into the vivid world of Daria's Daughter after we started reading Linda's submission. We were immediately blown over by her incredible talent for weaving a tale using a craft of characters, people you might sit on a bus with, pass on the street, or live next door to. The basic premise Linda uses which works very well is: What if? We knew straight away we had to read more, to find out what if. And we did. And now here we are.

Daria's Daughter is a domestic noir tale of psychological suspense. Set in Glasgow, the book features three mothers, all very ordinary yet extra-ordinary, who have one thing in common: the mysterious yet powerful bond of motherhood. One day their individual realities are explosively altered - the central question is, what will happen if and when their paths cross once more?

We are hoping one day, Covid-willing, to do another Hobeck On Tour visit, just like our recent Bedfordshire tour, but next time it will be to visit Linda. She lives on the edge of Switzerland overlooking Lake Constance. She has lived there since she went over aged 22 expecting to stay for just one year. Seeing the photos of where she lives we are not surprised she never returned! So, we are definitely going over as soon as we can!

Welcome to the team, Linda. We can't wait to share Daria's Daughter with everyone (and more to come)!

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