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Hot off the press

Don't get too excited, we're not quite in a place to be able to announce our first book, hot off the press. (Isn't that a fabulous expression? I love the idea of a book being 'hot off the press', literally, warm to the touch and smelling of heated paper. Incidentally, I almost got the opportunity to check real books 'hot' off a real printing press during my Oxford University Press days when I was editor on the mighty fine The Meaning of Everything by Simon Winchester. Back in the year 2003, I was to be flow to deepest, darkest America of the United States variety to check the books as they came off the press. Sadly, this didn't come about as I was too pregnant to fly at the time. The result of that pregnancy is taking his GCSEs next year - is it too late to go now? Probably. I digress, I should get back to the point.)

As I was saying, we are not yet ready to say 'look, first book!' but today, something else was 'hot off the press' for us. We had that buzz of excitement as we opened the box delivered at approx. 11am today, knowing that the contents would be something exciting (when I say 'we', I mean 'I' really). The delivery in question? It was our new business cards, and the flyers for the Morecambe & Vice Crime Writing Festival this weekend. We are more than a little eager about this event and we are very excited to have something tangible, real, and holdable, in the form of these cards and flyers, to take with us and to spread the word that we exit and that we are ready to start work. Somehow, it makes the Hobeck journey feel more real. It is real.

The flyer - the grinning cat grins

If the logo was a big stage in our evolution, business cards are the second big stage. There are few more stages to come. They are all just jigsaw pieces in our journey as we put our vision together. We have the vision in mind, it isn't quite there in reality yet. But it soon will be.

The card

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