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Hobeck Books - an introduction

Welcome to Hobeck Books. Rebecca and I are so thrilled to be launching this new publishing imprint, and we want to share with you what our aims are, and what the guiding values behind Hobeck will be.

You may have already picked up on some of that ethos from our Hobeck website - we aim to be different. We think that too many authors get a rough deal and don't receive enough engagement and support from their publishers. Hobeck will be different.


Our guiding principles put authors at the centre of what we do. From timely and guaranteed responses to submissions, to fair levels of commission, and investment in each of our clients as a creative artist. That means investment in developmental editing and proofreading, superb cover design and formatting, and consistent investment in marketing and reader engagement.


We've both been working in the creative media for over twenty years. Rebecca has a publishing background with some of the biggest UK publishing houses, and I have been a broadcaster and editor for even longer. We know how writers and creative people can be made to feel like a commodity by the current media industry, and we aim to put our clients at the centre of our work. We will work in full partnership, and believe we can bring success, rewards AND fulfillment to everyone within the Hobeck family.

We are a new company, so can't at present offer a proven track record of success yet, but you can be sure of one thing: whoever we work with will receive our full commitment and support. As we say in our strap line - we bring Traditional publishing values together with the Indie publishing spirit. If you would like the sound of that, then please contact us.

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