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A trip to the seaside

Autumn may have descended upon us, with it's falling leaves, darker evenings and fresh and frosty mornings (which I secretly love, by the way) but at Hobeck we are still firmly in summer mode as we will be taking a jolly to the seaside next weekend. I can't wait! I rather love the seaside.

When I say jolly, I mean of course, important work trip for which we will hardly have any time to dip toes in salt water, lift our collective noses to the sea air, or nibble half a seaside chip shop chip between us.

The seaside in question is the lovely town of Morecambe. For there we will be attending annual the Morecambe & Vice Crime Writing Festival.

These guys won't be at the festival, sadly

We have our tickets and bucket and spades loads of enthusiasm at the ready. While we are there, we will be actively seeking new crime, thriller or romance fiction (or a combination of the three) writers to join our team and we feel very optimistic that we might find such talent at the festival. We have high hopes that we will find some future Hobeck authors at Morecambe, as well as, of course, have a lovely time by the sea. If you are such an author, we very much look forward to meeting you.

We are also of course hoping to learn a lot ourselves about the crime writing genre and meet and mingle with others in the field plus reconnect with a few friendly faces we met at the London Book Fair back in the spring (before the leaves started to fall). However much experience we have in publishing or writing there is always more to learn and more to do.

And, if we have time, I hope we can pop into one of the best bookshops I have ever been to, which is a tiny yet fully-packed little second-hand book shop on the sea front. It is a gem. I'd better make sure I have a lot of space in my luggage for all the books I am bound to buy.

Book heaven, is it not?

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