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Welcome to Hobeck Books. We're a new family-run independent publisher of adult fiction in the following genres: thrillers, mystery, crime and suspense. 

Created by partners Rebecca Collins and Adrian Hobart, together they bring 50 years of combined experience in media and publishing.

Our ethos is simple: we aim to support and nurture our family of authors, giving their work the full editorial and marketing polish, allowing them to reach creative and commercial potential.


From hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook, we have the expertise to bring authors and readers together. 

We are currently closed again for submissions.

We are always happy to hear from book bloggers or reviewers who might fancy reading and reviewing any of our forthcoming books. We would be more than happy to send you details and an ebook or paperback - we value the role you all play in the publishing process and we know that you do it all for the love of books and nothing more which is pretty remarkable.

We are also happy to hear from reading groups who might be looking for a new book to read and review and don't know what to read next. If any of our books take your fancy, email us and we have a Reading Group Offer available for you which includes contact (Q&A) with the author and discounted books on all copies purchased for members.


Email: hobeckbooks@gmail.com

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APRIL 2022

Fatal Hate by Brian Price

DC Mel Cotton is back with a brand new case, the murder of Duncan Bennett. But who would want an unassuming warehouse worker dead?


The case soon becomes far more complex and dangerous, with terrorists, a paedophile network and a hitman in town. And against a background of rising hatred and violence, one woman pursues her deadly revenge.


Mel and her colleagues face their greatest challenge yet. Mel’s own courage will be tested to the limits. No-one is safe.


Fatal Hate is the thrilling sequel to the much-acclaimed Fatal Trade by the brilliant Brian Price.

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MAY 2022

Blood Lines by Lin Le Versha

Eighteen year-old Darcy Woodard appears to have it all – intelligence, good looks and artistic gifts. His teachers adore him, as does former policewoman Steph Grant, who is now the receptionist at Darcy's college. 


But beneath the surface - all is not as it seems. Darcy is convinced he doesn’t fit in. He tries to ignore their online taunts. There's Darcy’s dysfunctional mother Esther who is trapped in a literary time warp. Then there's his sister Marianne, who Darcy desperately wants to protect from the dark forces that surround her. 

Then tragedy rocks Darcy’s life when a drugs gang forces its way into his life and all the people he cares for. 

What can Steph and her former boss DI Hale do to protect the local community? And can they really trust Darcy to help them defeat the county lines gang? 

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Yes, I Killed Her by Harry Fisher

Yes, I Killed Her, is the second book in the DS Mel Cooper series.

There was a time when the perfect murder wouldn't be so hard to achieve. But that 'golden age' has now passed. In today's world of  rapid and ingenious advances in forensic science – both biological and digital – omnipresent CCTV, and electronic footprints as wide as a Yeti’s, is the perfect murder even remotely possible?

Edwin Fuller (the bad guy) is convinced it is.

DS Mel Cooper begs to differ.

Game on.

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Dirty Little Secret  by Jonathan Peace

Yorkshire. Late 1980s. Louise Miller is just settling into her new home community before starting a new job as a female detective constable. Out running one morning she discovers a murder victim in a phone box. She is instantly on the case, searching for justice for the victim. However she also needs to try to establish herself in a male dominated police culture…

Dirty Little Secret is the first book in a new series.

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JULY 2022

From Sorrow's Hold by Jonathan Peace

December, 1988 and Christmas is just a few weeks away. What should be a time of excitement and joy for the people of Ossett, West Yorkshire is forever tainted when a teenager's body is found in the graveyard of Holy Trinity Church, the victim of an apparent suicide.


As they respond to the devastating event, WDC's Louise Miller and Elizabeth Hines, together with psychologist Karla Hayes, each use their own experiences of suicide to help the wider community as it struggles to understand the terrible choice that was made.


But when another teenager goes missing, Louise starts to believe there is something even more sinister behind the darkness.

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Bodies in the Water  AJ Aberford

Inspector George Zammit, of the Maltese Pulizija likes a quiet life, keeping his head down and avoiding trouble. But when he investigates a body floating in the waters of Valletta’s Grand Harbour, he soon finds himself entangled in an international criminal plot which leads him on a perilous adventure.

Natasha Bonnici is part of a sophisticated Italian crime family whose attentions turn to the oil riches beneath the Libyan desert, where they encounter Abdullah Belkacem, a Libyan militia leader with big ambitions. Nick Walker sells his Maltese online gaming company to a shady purchaser and finds himself at the centre of Europe’s biggest money laundering operation.

Set against a backdrop of the world of oil smuggling, the turmoil of North Africa and the seemingly unchecked corruption in the Southern Mediterranean, their paths all collide, with disastrous results.


Verity Vanishes by A B Morgan

The Quirks are back and there is another crime to solve! 

Cara Laidlaw's world is turned upside down when she discovers, on the death of her father, that she isn't who she thought she was.

Little did she know that a simple search for her birth mother, Verity, would ruffle some very influential feathers. It seems that Cara isn't the only one searching for Verity. 

In the race to find Verity, who will find her first? Will it be Cara, desperate to find out who she really is? Will it be Peddyr and Connie, hot on the tail of the missing persons case? Or is there someone else looking for Verity?

VV for web.jpg

Endangered by Antony Dunford

Former soldier and wildlife ranger Jane Haven is back in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Hunted.


This time, Jane is wanted by the Kenyan police for a crime she did not commit. She has had to go into hiding, with the goal of making good on two promises. The first, to a woman she met in prison, is to make a chair she can be proud of. The second, to a former colleague, is not to kill people anymore.


However, the discovery of a horrendous crime in the far north of the country by her friend Makena, brings her back into action, and making good on one or both of the promises will have to wait a little longer.


Bullets in the Sand by AJ Aberford

When Inspector George Zammit, of the Maltese Pulizija, reluctantly agrees to help his old friend, the former Libyan militia leader, Abdullah Belkacem, his quiet life is turned upside down. George is thrown into an adventure in the wilds of North Africa, encountering American special forces, Russian mercenaries and warring militias, all with their own complex agendas.

Natasha Bonnici is part of The Family, a sophisticated, organised crime group, based in Milan. Ambitious and ruthless, she sets her sights on a share of Europe’s energy market, as well as control of The Family itself and there are no limits to how far she will go.

In the southern Mediterranean, nothing is what it seems. Abdullah Belkacem wants to win back his lands and his money, as well as avenging his brother’s death.  He cannot do it alone and so turns to powerful forces, dragging George – the only person he can trust – with him.


Her Deadly Friend by Rae Sargeant 

Five murders rock the city of Gleveham. The random sequence of crimes – pre-meditated, opportunist, frenzied, controlled and bizarre – leave police baffled.

Steph Lewis is a no-nonsense detective inspector who enjoys wise-cracking with her colleagues and watching the rugby with her teenage son. But her world is about to unravel as she discovers a dangerous personal connection to one of the deaths. The investigation brings her face to face with Amy Ashby, her arch rival from school days, a time when petty squabbles spiralled beyond the playground and changed lives forever.

When both women are stalked by a figure from their shared past, history looks set to repeat. How can Steph avoid a final, career-ending showdown with her nemesis, when all lines of enquiry lead to Amy?

Cousin Ash by S.E. Shepherd

Cousin Ash is the thrilling sequel to Swindled which brings Hannah Sandlin and her partner in crime, Lottie Thorogood back on the investigating game. The two women find themselves in the midst of a new mystery - another disappearance. This time, a disappearance that happened long ago, the vanished now presumed dead. A body was never found. 


Eliza's Cousin Ash hasn't been seen since she disappeared into the night during her late teenage years. However, she is very much alive and kicking in the minds of those she left behind, her cousins Eliza and Scott. Their lives forever tainted by their cousin's sudden vanishing. So what happened to Cousin Ash? Hannah and Lottie are determined to find her.


Hawk at the Crossroads by AJ Aberford

Turkey is the new powerbroker in the eastern Mediterranean and The Hawk sits in Istanbul, pulling the strings. But why should any of this concern a Maltese policeman?

Inspector George Zammit, of the Maltese Pulizija, receives a phone call from an old friend in need, the Libyan militia leader, Abdullah Belkacem. As a result, George and Abdullah are catapulted into an adventure, taking them from disputed Greek Islands to war-torn Libya, in a journey that tests their friendship to the limit.

As an arch manipulator and power broker, The Hawk plays his cards close to his chest. But, with one daring move, he turns the politics of the eastern Mediterranean upside down, making a powerful enemy.

Natasha Bonnici is now the head of a mysterious organised crime family, based in Milan. She and The Hawk circle each other, as the biggest game of all plays out.

Can lowly Inspector George Zammit face these forces and restore order, before the Mediterranean slips into chaos?


I'm Not There by Rob Gittens

When DI Lara Arden was a child, her mother vanishes on a train leaving Lara and her sister alone in the world. Twenty years later, Lara receives a call, the exact same scenario has just happened again, this time to someone else. History, it seems, has just repeated itself.

But this is no coincidence as a string of murders that follow makes clear, all involved have one thing in common. They all leave abandoned souls behind.

So who’s targeting Lara? And how does all this connect to her still-missing mother?