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'I don't know what type of magic dust you sprinkle around in Hobeck Towers, but every book I've read so far has been a corker! '
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'I have to say that you have an excellent group of writers and I haven't had a book that I haven't enjoyed.'
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Welcome to Hobeck Books. We're a new family-run independent publisher of adult fiction in the following genres: thrillers, mystery, crime and suspense. 

Created by partners Rebecca Collins and Adrian Hobart, together they bring 50 years of combined experience in media and publishing.

Our ethos is simple: we aim to support and nurture our family of authors, giving their work the full editorial and marketing polish, allowing them to reach creative and commercial potential.


From hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook, we have the expertise to bring authors and readers together. 

We are currently closed again for submissions.

We are always happy to hear from book bloggers or reviewers who might fancy reading and reviewing any of our forthcoming books. We would be more than happy to send you details and an ebook or paperback - we value the role you all play in the publishing process and we know that you do it all for the love of books and nothing more which is pretty remarkable.

We are also happy to hear from reading groups who might be looking for a new book to read and review and don't know what to read next. If any of our books take your fancy, email us and we have a Reading Group Offer available for you which includes contact (Q&A) with the author and discounted books on all copies purchased for members.


Email: hobeckbooks@gmail.com

'​I need to read ALL the Hobeck books! They have some brilliant authors.'
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The Chemist by Lewis Hastings

An old friend has been released from HMP Belmarsh and he has a score to settle. Locked away, he had time to think. Solitude does strange things to the mind.


When people started dying in strange circumstances, Jack Cade is called in to investigate. Coincidence? In the city, the power brokers are gathering to gamble on people’s lives. But who is watching who?


They called him The Chemist, rather than use his real name. Nothing could prevent him from becoming The Chemist. Revenge comes in many shape and sizes.


The eagerly awaited follow up to the Seventh Wave Trilogy and The Angel of Whitehall, The Chemist sees the return of Jack Cade and his team to fight a deadly nemesis, one who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. This time, it really is personal.

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MARCH 2022

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R.D. Nixon's second book in the The Clifford-Mackenzie Crime Series

It is autumn in Abergarry now and as the nights lengthen, the weather turns and the memories of the excitements of the summer start to fade, the atmosphere also darkens when the community is rocked by a brutal roadside murder. This time, it feels a little too close to home and family for PI team Maddie Clifford and Paul Mackenzie, too close for comfort and definitely too close for complacency. 

APRIL 2022

Fatal Hate by Brian Price

DC Mel Cotton is back with a brand new case, the murder of Duncan Bennett. But who would want an unassuming warehouse worker dead?


The case soon becomes far more complex and dangerous, with terrorists, a paedophile network and a hitman in town. And against a background of rising hatred and violence, one woman pursues her deadly revenge.


Mel and her colleagues face their greatest challenge yet. Mel’s own courage will be tested to the limits. No-one is safe.


Fatal Hate is the thrilling sequel to the much-acclaimed Fatal Trade by the brilliant Brian Price.

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MAY 2022

The second book in the Steph Grant Murder Mystery Series by Lin Le Versha

The Suffolk town of Oakwood is on the front line as county lines force their way into the lives of the students at the sixth form college, ripping families apart and leading to four murders. In tracking down the elusive drugs baron, Steph Grant and DI Hale enlist the help of one of the students – but can they be sure he’s on their side? 

Dirty Little Secret  by Jonathan Peace

Yorkshire. Late 1980s. Louise Miller is just settling into her new home community before starting a new job as a female detective constable. Out running one morning she discovers a murder victim in a phone box. She is instantly on the case, searching for justice for the victim. However she also needs to try to establish herself in a male dominated police culture…

Dirty Little Secret is the first book in a new series.

Yes, I Killed Her by Harry Fisher

Yes, I Killed Her, is the second book in the DS Mel Cooper series.

There was a time when the perfect murder wouldn't be so hard to achieve. But that 'golden age' has now passed. In today's world of  rapid and ingenious advances in forensic science – both biological and digital – omnipresent CCTV, and electronic footprints as wide as a Yeti’s, is the perfect murder even remotely possible?

Philip Walker (the bad guy) is convinced it is.

DS Mel Cooper begs to differ.

Game on.


Endangered by Antony Dunford

Former soldier and wildlife ranger Jane Haven is back in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Hunted.


This time, Jane is wanted by the Kenyan police for a crime she did not commit. She has had to go into hiding, with the goal of making good on two promises. The first, to a woman she met in prison, is to make a chair she can be proud of. The second, to a former colleague, is not to kill people anymore.


However, the discovery of a horrendous crime in the far north of the country by her friend Makena, brings her back into action, and making good on one or both of the promises will have to wait a little longer.