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In response to recent advances in AI technology we have implemented an non-AI-generative text policy for all our books, blurbs, marketing materials and book reviews. 

The book reviews arranged by Hobeck have been written by genuine humans who are also book lovers and avid readers and have not been generated by AI in any shape of form.
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Welcome to Hobeck Books a leading family-run independent publisher of award-winning crime, thriller, mystery and suspense books.

We only publish books that we ourselves love reading. We read every submission independently of each other and if we don't both fall in love with the book, we don't publish it. Simple as that. 
We sell direct to independent bookshops at 40% discount on a sale or return basis. If you are an independent bookshop and you are interested in selling Hobeck books, no minimum order, then please get in touch with Rebecca Collins at
Bookshelves at Maltese bookshop featuring Hobeck author A J Aberford

'I learnt many months ago that when you start a ‘Hobeck’ book, to allow plenty of time to read because once you start, you literally cannot stop.'
 Book Blogger

'‘Flippin’ ‘eck, another belter of a book from Hobeck. I don’t know how they’ve honed their great book sniffing skills but it’s bang on with this one.'
 Book Blogger

'I don't know what type of magic dust you sprinkle around in Hobeck Towers, but every book I've read so far has been a corker!'
 Advance Reader

'You seem to have the magic touch for finding such fantastic authors.'
 HART (Hobeck Advance Reader Team) member

'I have to say that you have an excellent group of writers and I haven't had a book that I haven't enjoyed.'
HART (Hobeck Advance Reader Team) member

'Really enjoying your generosity, be it competition prizes or free books and introductions to new authors.'
Hobeck Subscriber

'​I am really enjoying the books you publish - a very wide range of authors and subjects, fascinating to experience so many new authors.'
Advance Reader

'​I need to read ALL the Hobeck books! They have some brilliant authors.'
Book Reviewer on Twitter

'Honestly, the standard of the books you're publishing is outstanding, I am so impressed!' HART member


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