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Abergarry, Scotland



The art world is shaken by the brutal and very public murder of a dealer, who’d unknowingly sold a forged painting. By contrast, the death of a woman strangled in her own home, in the same year, barely causes a ripple and remains unsolved.



An acquaintance of the murdered woman is spotted near the crime scene, years after being declared dead himself. The woman’s daughter, Hazel Douglas suspects him of being involved in her mother’s murder. She engages local PI team Maddy Clifford and Paul Mackenzie to reopen the case.


Then a third murder seems to close the circle, with Hazel at its centre. With the focus now on her, Hazel places her life and her freedom in the hands of a trusted friend, but as the investigation takes a sinister turn, she realises she can’t trust anyone... And her options are disappearing fast.


Bad Blood by R.D. Nixon

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